How To Get Here

As you arrive…


As you arrive with your car/taxi just above Fiscardo you will find a sign that says to turn left for the ferry which you will avoid. After 50 meters there is a fork on the road where taking the left road is supposedly forbidden (no entry sign) see image below. You can ignore the no entry sign as it is to filter most of the traffic during high season, but have in mind this street is a dead end and you will have to make a U turn to leave afterwards. 

That road will take you just above our studios, so can either park near there and walk down the road or if its not too busy drive down the road and park in one of the numbered spaces (all available to the public). You will see our building to your left and our sign on the gate. Please avoid parking in the “No Parking” zone clearly marked on the road.

Our gate is not locked, you just need to pull a small handle behind the lock. You will collect your keys from the ground level of our complex. Our office is all the way down the stairs and to the left. Keep our phone number (+30)6936767921 handy just in case you need any assistance. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to call or SMS/Text.

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KM from Airport

KM from Sami

KM from Ag.Efimia

KM from Assos
High Season Rates

Average €130/night


Fiscardo, Kefalonia 28084, Greece

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[email protected]
(+30) 693 6767 921

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